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Breathtaking Love Messages for Her to Make Her Cry

These breathtaking love messages for her to make her cry are short poems to make her melt and love poems that make you cry.

Best Breathtaking Love Messages for Her to Make Her Cry

If you are searching for what to say to her to make her cry, how do I make her cry for love, how do I write a love poem or messages to my sweetheart or how do you make a love poem? Then these short messages to make her melt, breathtaking love poems for her, romantic poems for him to make her cry, love poems for her that will make her cry copy and paste, romantic poems for her to make her cry, love poems that make you cry and poem to make her feel special friend are here just for you to to send to the one you love.

Breathtaking Poetic Love Messages For Her

The vow you made for love. Those scarce promises that only the heart could appreciate its true values. When the one you love is incomparable, it feels so special. And when that person means so much to you, wow, it feels so good. If you are loving that special one, why not share these poetic messages of romantic love with her.   

[1]. I felt mixed emotions when I saw you appear. You came like the goddess of love and with an open hand; you erase my worry with your charm. Now, I could feel love when I feel you.

[2]. I taste your exotic pleasure and my soul couldn’t resist your reign. You’re a comforter to my soul and a magician to my heart. How would love have been without you?

[3]. How could I tame your love that is so wild with pleasure? How I seek my greatness in the bosom of your love but the more I tried, the more it seemed to elope me. Your love is wicked!

[4]. Slowly have I fallen under the spell of your love. Now the guidance I need is the light through your soul. You showed me love and now, I can’t resist loving you.

[5]. I have tasted the meekness of your love. And gone, I couldn’t go. In your heart there would I be and by your side, there would I make my bed that I would stay and love you forever.

[6]. Your love is a goddess to my soul. I look at you and I’m mesmerized by the beauty in you. Your body, spirit and soul are a thought my heart can’t ignore.

[7]. Your voice intoxicates me and makes me drunk from the cup of happiness. When I heard you talk, my soul was blessed to see another day.

[8]. I could remember nothing but the sweet melody of your voice. It drives me insane. At the same time, it makes my day. Your voice is a blessing to my soul.

[9]. To the throne of your love, I worshiped. I might never possess you but your love would I bend for that your heart would guide me to love you the way I desire.

[10]. Your love knocks and I open. Now all I have is the bliss of romance that is hard to replace. You bring me love, you bring me adventure and now, I can’t be bored loving you.

[11]. Passionately, I have fallen in love with you. Now my eyes glow with passion. Just look into my eye and you will see the desired feeling of a want of your lasting love.

[12]. Your love is so cute and attractive. On her would I build my nest that I might discover the secrets hidden in your heart. You give me love and now, I am complete in your love.

[13]. I went wild when I found your love. My heart erupts when I see you smile. For me, your love is perfect and anything I would do to cherish you every moment of my life.

[14]. The love you bring into my life is like a million stars that shore. I found you and found the brightest part of my life. Your love is a shining gift to my soul.

[15]. My air breathes nothing except the aura of your love. Like a wild smoke of ecstasy, your love had consumed my breath. Now all I smell is that sweet savour of your undying love.

[16]. Your captivated walk allures my soul with pleasure. Your smile mesmerized me with desire. Your love cripples me to surrender to you. And now, all I need is you to live for.

[17]. My breath gaze anytime you appear. My body quakes anytime you talk. My imagination, the thought of you control. And now, I am so addicted to loving you.

[18]. Your love sends a grip of passion and my heart couldn’t control the ecstasy. Now I desire you the way a child would love cake. Your love is my cake. Anytime I taste of it, I am happier living.

[19]. I feel loved and desired the way you love me. You make me love the way I haven’t loved before. Now effortlessly, I love you like never before.

[20]. I crave for your love every night and day. I long for your touch every moment of the day. I live for you every second of my life. I love you with every breath that I take.

[21]. Somewhere deep inside of me your love resides. Every moment I think of it, my spirit glows with a smile like a newborn child. Now I could smile forever just because you love me.

[22]. The innocence of your love arouses my feelings. Your love came like raw gold that knows no refinement. I hold it and cherish it and now, I can’t do without it.

[23]. The melody of your love sang a song of affection to my soul. Every drop of your rhythm, escalates my soul and all I do, is wait that you will sang a song of love that makes me stay alive.

[24]. Alluring is the music that your love sings. It craved my soul and turned my day into night, dream into reality and love into undying pleasure.

[25]. I am thrilled beyond my bones. I am lifted beyond my spirit. I am glad to be alive. All because when I see you, I see the love that makes me what I am.

[26]. My emotion you control with the spell of your love. Now like a child, all I crave for is the breath of your love that keeps me alive.

[27]. Pure love built on the throne of pleasure. I quicken my steps to drink from the bosom of your ecstasy. Now I want no more of anything but your love that brings me satisfaction.

[28]. My life lacks the courage but you give me the strength. My life lacks the will but you give me the power. That strength and power of your love gives me the might to be who I am.

Poetic Love Messages For Love

Love that is irreplaceable should be the love that is found in the heart of the one you love. Every moment of your day should glow because you have found the one for you. If you are in love, you should always wait and be patient for love to grow. The best is always saved for the last. And the value of love should be that which you have gotten from the one you love. Here for the special love you share, these poetic text messages of love deserve a place in the heart of your true love.

[29]. You’re a rare thing so precious than ruby. You’re a gift to all but special to me. Nothing would ever rival your love that is pure and blameless.

[30]. Your love is a sight to behold. Her alluring presence is magical to the eye. The soul who knows it feels it. That soul is me who has tasted your love and found satisfaction.

[31]. Feverishly, your love sets my heart on fire and makes me lose control. A touch from you melts my ego and renders me weak to gaze the more for your love.

[32]. The fantasy of your love brings me to life. The tendered touch of your arms sends me to a feverish bath. Now I feel nothing except the warm grip of your body that calms my soul to rest.

[33]. Spice my heart with the tenderness of your love. Let my soul gaze for your grip. Hold me till I can breathe again. And whispered the words only my ears would hear that I might come alive and live for you.

[34]. The world of pure pleasure belongs to your love. It is her who gives me joy. I tasted her flavour and the sweetness therein. Certainly, words would never describe them.

[35]. I heard your voice wrapped in the emotion of love. That tendered voice that erases my sorrow. Now I yearn for it like every drop of breath that I might live in want of it every day of my life.

[36]. Strange desire that is the spirit your love evokes. Day in and day out, I’m engulfed by the power it radiates. If there is anything I want, it’s this strangeness of your love that drives me wild.

[37]. Your voice awakes me to the reality of love. Just a drop of her calm reign, my soul is awoken to love the way it has never done before. 

[38]. The creamy silky glow of your skin dazzled the throne of my heart. With slow motion it reduces the reign of my breath. Now I am lost to the victory that your love sang.

[39]. Adorn in victory; body so cute and lovely. Adorn in praise; love so wild and sensual. Adorn in reign; heart so tender with care that has stolen my heart away.

[40]. Your love astonishes my thoughts and sings to my soul a new song. Like a new day, I grow from strength to strength wanting a touch of your love that gives me the effrontery to stand any challenge.

[41]. Your love sucked my heart and stirred my soul. Her multiple powers weaken my bravery. Now all I think and lives for, is you.

[42]. Like Venus, the goddess of love. Your sensual power evokes a spell that dethrones my braveness. When I see you, my heart grows weak just to love you.

[43]. Your appearance makes my heart brighter. The loveliness of your steps makes my soul drop in death silent. None can rival you except Venus the goddess of love.

[44]. Gracefully, your steps carry your reign in bliss of splendid walk. My heart beholds you and I became obsessed. Now I can’t do anything but imagine the beauty in your presence.

[45]. Your love is like a wave in the sea. I follow it just to discover the adventure and the pleasure it stirs. There I was lure to her wonderland and all I know right now is I want it so badly that I don’t want to go back anymore.

[46]. Your love is like the wave that stirs a breathless calm. It resonates with my soul to hear thy melodious cry. That cries of love that draws my soul to thee.

[47]. Like a melodious string, your love sang me a song. Songs that I can’t resist but to come under her spell that I might find joy to free my soul from her silent grip.

[48]. The sound of your voice draws me nearer to thee. And there in her sweet savour, have I found rest that I might make my heart, merry to love you as long as your voice lives.

[49]. The colour of your scent, spray like the rainbow. I look and my soul is engulfed in the beauty that it sparkles. Little by little, I’m anchored by your scent that keeps me staying.

[50]. Keep me awake with the echo sound of your voice. Let my soul quiver with beats that wild my heart. Slowly, you have taken my heart with your love. Now all I dream of is your love to last for eternity.

[51]. Head over heels have I fallen in love with you. I needed no second, minute or hour to make my decision. Right from the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one for me.

[52]. My song of conquest, sung to my heart, lover of my soul. Let your song of love give me happiness, let it gives me joy, let it shine through my heart and make me long for the love that is yours.

[53]. To the end of the earth will I go in search of your love. I will not rest till I discover the beauty hidden in your love. You came, you showed but when I thought I have it all, I began to realize that it is just a tip of the iceberg.

[54]. With the stir of your look, you set my heart on fire. Now, I can’t sleep without a thought of you. You set me on fire and the only one who can free me is you whose love had seduced me to my knees.

[55]. The look in your eyes, they tell me so many things. I look into your eyes and all I see is the love that yells at me to come. I ran to it and lost my breath in the warmth of your embrace. Now, I am addicted to being in your arm every moment of the day.

[56]. Your love is like the scent of a rose flower. Her swells smell, escalate my soul and set my heart on fire. Each spray scent is the want of your love. Let your love be my flower that I might smell of your glory forever.

[57]. Gallantry is the bravery of your love that risks her ego. Daring acts had it taken just to prove her worth. Now I cherish your love every minute of the day for the risk it has taken to win my heart.

[58]. Who can oppose the throne of your love? None among the living would. Your love comes like thunder; it strikes the heart with fierce battle and won every resistance that the heart holds. Now that you have won my heart, to you I give it to you.  

[59]. Aglow my heart with desire and let your love arouse my fantasy. Make me dream of you day and night that I might want no more but the person that is your love.

[60]. You came like a dream and changed my world. I’m astounded at your beauty which is compared to none. For the love of you, I shall ever be sane forever.

Poetic Love Text Messages

When you love with the heart that cares, it comes with it some drop of the tears of love. There are times you reminisce about what the love of your soulmate means to you. Those true moments of love come with a sweet smile that glows. Do not hide your feelings, if you love, say it out and let your heart habour the lovely feeling of the one you love. If you care for more, let your love feel these romantic poetic messages of love.

[61]. To the throne of your love, I am charmed. There my heart had made her nest that it will feed from the passion that you draw. I found love when I found you and to your throne would I feather my nest forever.

[62]. The flowing rhythm of your voice is like musical keynotes mixed with the strings of a guitar. Each slow and soft utterance sets me in want of you. You give me the voice that dethrones my braveness.

[63]. Infectious like the sting of a bee; sweetest like the taste of honey. Your voice is a blessing to a sick soul that is in love. I heard your voice and my life turned with gladness that frees my soul to live.

[64]. Incomparable nature of my heart is what your love means to me. It comes in a way I couldn’t imagine and to the throne of my soul it stole. Ever since you came my way, my heart you have stolen away.

[65]. My soul; my being; lifted by every chant of your words. To me, your words are like gold crested in my soul. And every one of it silver lining; soften my heart to desire a want of your love forever. 

[66]. Play the violin string of your voice; let her hear my cry that my heart sinks each time your voice drops. I’m fascinated because your voice penetrates my soul and makes me long for you.

[67]. Your voice carries a musical timbre whose rhythm bewitched my soul. My spirit, body and soul, the conquest of your words dominates. Now all I long for is that voice of yours that conquers my boldness.

[68]. Your words are like subtle poison that grinds my soul little by little. It weakened me to react but kept me in suspend to long for every touch of her power that excavate every doubt in me.  

[69]. Let my love live for you even if it is a second. Let my heart beat for you even if it is a minute. Let my soul yearn for you even if it is an hour. Let me live for you even if it is forever.

[70]. I care not of myself but you. Let me live for you; let me be the one you trust; let me be the one who cares; let me be the one you can count on and let me be the one you spend the rest of your life with.

[71]. I lived for you, I long for you, I dream because of you. You’re the fantasy I wanted and to all of my desire you’re the one who makes it happen. 

[72]. You wooed me from every direction that you have. Every line of my thought is now consumed by the desire of you. I want you, I need you and none else I wanted but you.

[73]. None else I wanted but you true captain of my heart. Take your reign in the throne of my heart and sail me to the island of your love that I will reign with you till eternity.

[74]. The present and past lose their meaning the day I found your love. Nothing anyone would say that could take your love away from me. When I look at the past and face the future, all I remember is your love that is there for me.

[75]. Your tendered word burns with passion. It consumes my soul with an alluring desire that craves for a lasting touch of your love. Your love found me then consumed my soul. All I need is still your love to set me free.

[76]. To you I truly loved every breath that I take. To you I live for every dream that I have. And to your love will I ever find as long as I live.

[77]. No obstacle can wither my love for you. From the beginning was all I needed and to the end, your love will ever be what I needed. Nothing will take your place for your love I live for.

[78]. Your love whisks my heart away. To wherever you go, there I will follow that I might discover the hidden secret that overwhelms my heart to want your love forever.

[79]. I care not for what anyone might think as far as I have your love. Let anyone say whatever they like for you will I keep my love and to you will I love till the end of time.

[80]. Lo and behold, I have fallen, fallen to the bravery of your heart. You can do to me without any fear and stole my heart away. The only treasure I have is now in your full possession. Take it, keep it and love me till all in return.

[81]. To your arm would I want to spend the rest of my life in. Keep on loving me the way you do and I shall have no option than to surrender my heart to you so that you might take me to the throne of your love forever.

[82]. I bring to you the throne of my love. Let my soul drink from the cup of your love that I might thirst of nothing else but the yearning passion that comes with your love.

[83]. Come to me, the sweetest of them all. Let my love be your hero. Let it guide you to the land of wonder. And let us live in want of each other that we might exploit this secret that has bound us as one.

[84]. I was dying of loneliness till you came my way. I couldn’t trust any soul till you open your heart to me. Now your love has killed my loneliness and opened my heart to love again.

[85]. To your love would I be eternally grateful to. For you filled my vacuum with the treasure of your love. Now I want no more but that taste of your love that is so sweet but hard to resist.

[86]. You killed me with your eyes and wounded my soul with your love. You make me gaze through the air in want of your scent. Now I am addicted to you like a bee to a pollen grain.

[87]. Your love burns like a fire in the mountain then what happens when you’re as cold as the sea? I long to be in both embrace. I could thirst of both desire that will quench my shivered soul.

[88]. You’re chosen among the lots to make me happy. You’re chosen to give me joy. You’re chosen to make me yearn for none else but you. You’re chosen that I might be alive just to love you the way you’re.

[89]. Dance with the love of my life. Let your love be the only song that I sing. You came in a strange way and took every fear that my heart habour. Now I live for you and the love that you have given to me.

[90]. There is something to live for; that is your love. There is something to die for; that same is your love. All that is to live and die for is the undying presence of your love.

[91]. Your love makes me more alluring. It gives me confidence beyond my imagination. Now I see myself stronger because you showed me the meaning of love.

[92]. The aura of your love baths me with desire. It elevated me to high heaven. Now I want you every minute of the day so I could feel the essence of your love forever.

[93]. You’re worth a million to me. Nothing can take your love away from me. When I needed love, you were there to give me one and now, I can’t imagine building my world without you.

[94]. I see the world through your eye. I see love through your heart. I see me through your care. I see life through your tender actions.

[95]. You set my imagination on fire. You burn my heart with love. You make me blind to none else but you. Now all I can see is you and your love.

[96]. Your love arouses my desire and makes me live in want of you. Now I need you like never before so I can love you like never before.

[97]. The reign of your love arouses my heart. The melody of your voice weakens my soul. Now I’m indebted to loving you so that I might have a peace of mind forever.

[98]. Your love stirs my desire and makes me want you the most. I thought I could only have you for a day but now I know I want you forever.

[99]. If love is a spell, then yours have casted one on me. Ever since I saw you, a spell has been casted on me. That spell is your love that I can’t do without.

[100]. My mind is preoccupied with your thoughts where your love has gained control over me. Now all I do is think about you.


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Breathtaking Love Messages for Her to Make Her Cry
Breathtaking Love Messages for Her to Make Her Cry
These breathtaking love messages for her to make her cry are short poems to make her melt and love poems that make you cry.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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