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Best Motivational Words about Money Mistake

Motivational Words about Money Mistake

If your search is on what is the best quote of money, how do you handle money quotes, how can I make money with my thoughts or where is the money quote? Then this money makes everything: quotes, power of money quotes, quotes on money minded people, short quotes about money, making money quotes and saving money quotes are what you need to never make a mistake with the use of money.

Best Motivational Words About Money Mistake

The art of saving is an essential element towards overcoming poverty. If you learn to save, you won't lose. Saving would help you overcome so many embarrassing conditions that might come your way due to financial lack. It is always good to save for the rainy day. Here is the motivational word that was sent on Whatsapp to encourage one to save and not to make the very money mistakes that others are making. I wished this message would encourage you to save.

Money Mistake 1. Never borrow money that accrues interest to start a business. That is to say, never borrow money to start a business expecting that the business will generate income to pay back the borrowed money plus the interest.

Money Mistake 2. Never spend money you haven't received. Don't even promise someone money based on a promise you have from someone else. If someone tells you: "Ezra, come to my office tomorrow at 9am and pick #30K"don't go out to buy items on credit based on this promise, with the hope that you will pay off your creditor when the promised money comes; it may not come as promised and this will leave you in problems with your creditors.

Money Mistakes 3. If you want to save, whenever you receive money, don’t start spending hoping that you’ll save what remains. Normally what remains is zero because as long as money to spend is available, the numerous things you can spend it on are also available. And things to spend on even incite their 'relatives' so that you spend even more than you had planned. When money is not available, we naturally find a way of doing without it. That's why I've learnt to save with an INVESTMENT CLUB. Once I send money there I assume I no longer have it. Before you spend any money, put your savings aside then spend what is left after saving.

Money Mistake 4. When you get an opportunity to meet a very wealthy person, never ask for money. Ask for ideas on how to make money. They may even choose to give you money on their own after seeing that your ideas are great, but let getting money from them never be your objective.

Money Mistake 5. Keeping your seed instead of planting it. Many people stop at saving. It's very, very difficult to save and have all you need to maintain your lifestyle especially after retirement. When you save, your savings are seed; plant it. When you just keep the seed (saving money) some seeds begin to die (eaten by inflation and the like). That's why I recommend that you read about the different types of investment vehicles you can use to grow your savings. I am not necessarily talking about putting the money in a business, because you can easily lose money in  business. I am talking about putting it in an investment.

Money Mistake 6. Never lend someone money you are not willing to lose. By the time you lend someone money, be content in your heart that should the person fail to pay, you will not die. You should not even lose that person's friendship if they fail to repay the money you lent them. If you feel the person might fail to pay you and this will not affect your relationship with them, then lend them money. If their failure to pay would make you hate this person’s entire clan, please advise the person to go to the bank.

Money Mistake 7. Never append your signature to guarantee someone on a financial matter if you are not willing or able to pay the money on their behalf. Do I have to explain that one? No, it's self-explanatory.

Money Mistake 8. Avoid keeping money you don't intend to use in the short-term within easy reach. For instance, don’t walk with #100K in your pocket when all you plan to do in a day costs #20K. Like I mentioned in Money Mistake 3, there are always expenses available to gobble any money that is within reach, so if you don't want to lose it, put it away in a safe place.

Money Mistake 9. Avoid keeping money in inappropriate places e.g. in socks, under the pillow, in a pit, in the sitting room, in the bra, in a travel bag that you will place somewhere in a bus... impulse buying is a devil that will keep you busy!

Money Mistake 10. Spending money on an item that you can do without (at least for the time being). These days when I pick money from my pocket or wallet, before paying for something I ask myself: What would happen if I didn’t buy this? If I find I can live with the consequences of not having that thing, I smile and walk away.

Money Mistake 11. Paying an amount for something that's not the minimum you can get that same value for. In other words, if you are along east Legon road and you pay #5K for a shoe that you can get at #3K at Makola market, that's a money mistake except for those who have achieved financial freedom.

Money Mistake 12. Consistently spending all you earn or more than you earn. It's like having a drum where you have an inlet that's smaller than the outlet. It will never get full. And should the inlet ever reduce significantly the drum will run dry. If you do it the other way round and the inlet is bigger, it will get full and even overflow. Hence, we have to always ensure we are widening the inlet while narrowing the outlet – all the time. Your side hustle comes in handy!

Money Mistake 13. Thinking about short-term only and forgetting about long-term or thinking about the long-term and forgetting about the short-term. For instance, Lydia was told that there's money in land. She saved money over a long period of time and bought 30 acres of land. Now she has the land but she is always broke. She is always complaining. She's disgruntled and she doesn't seem to see herself earning from the land in the near future. Now, let's ask ourselves: Having 30 acres of land and no money to feed your family or take a child to hospital, is that wealth or poverty? I think Lydia only looked at long-term needs and forgot that she has short-term needs that require money. What of those who find they are one paycheck away from salary? Are they thinking about long-term needs?

Let’s take stock of our finances. How many mistakes are you guilty of? Do you now feel better-equipped to do better with these tips? Good luck, savers!

Best Encouraging Words about the Perception to Tithing

Encouraging Words About The Perception To Tithing

The issue of titling is becoming a topic for discussion. Some are in favour and some are against it. Lots of Bible Verses are put up to back up their claims. This encouraging word about the right perception to tithing is one of the Whatsapp messages that was shared in a group. What is your take on this? If you run a religious group on social media, you can put this up and see the reaction of your group members.

“When you go to church today and feel the AC blowing through your wig into your skull, know that you are eating out of your tithe… when the bass guitarists, the keyboardist and other guys on the drums are delivering some good music during praise and you’re dancing everywhere and removing your coat, uncle they pay those guys working for God, know that you are eating out of your tithe. … Most Sundays you don’t go to church because you depend on NEPA to iron your clothes, it is the same thing in the house of God, we don’t depend on NEPA to power the church, we pay for fuel and diesel, so when you go to church today and enjoy uninterrupted worship, know that you are eating out of your tithe.… If you go to church to charge your phones and you hold a grudge about tithe, well, your case is different… When we invite Pastor Nathaniel Bassey to lead you in worship to our God, it is not his trumpet he will eat when he goes back home after ushering the Holy Ghost into your life with his ministration, it is not hallelujah challenge his landlord will eat, we give them minister’s gifts to support the work God is also doing through them, it is the meat that you have stored in God’s house that we use to feed them. So when Travis Greene comes from the UK to raise the roof in praise and worship, dance very well because it is your tithe. " Who deserves to live in lekki? The pastor that feeds you daily with God’s word or Timaya that adds nothing to your Christian faith? Who deserves to drive the best cars? Your pastor glorifying God or Iyanya winding waist with naked women glorifying mammon? One witch somewhere will just be vexing for nothing that we are giving to advance the kingdom, you grudge when asked to donate to a church project, you grudge when asked to pay tithe, you think it’s your squeezed 50 naira that makes you comfortable in worship at church? Witches campaigning for people not to pay tithe to God when they cheerfully pay Millions for a table for 5 at AY shows. Witches!!!” ‬

"The Right Perception To Tithing". (Please Pause And Read This)

I have tried so hard to avoid this tithing or no tithing debate, but It will be so ungrateful of me to keep quiet and watch some folk misunderstand a principle that gives me great peace.

I'm not going to quote a single scripture to defend this, if the Bible is too deep for us to understand, then maybe it is time we try common sense.

We don't tithe because we want to receive from God, we don't tithe to buy God's blessings, it is not a give and take something, it is not a trade by batter principle. God's blessings and favours come upon us in a million amazing ways without giving a penny, most times the blessings we hardly take notice of, He just loves us unconditionally, whether we are giving to Him or not. He gave us Jesus without our consent, He sent His son at a time when we least deserved it, that's how much He has been giving to us without asking anything back in return.

I don't care about being under law, under grace or under mercy, I just love the Lord with all my heart, and with all that is within me. I give back a tenth of all that He gives to me not in an attempt to provoke Him to do more, but to maintain my local assembly. I tithe to ensure that there is meat in His house. I understand that it is His duty to maintain the spiritual needs of His house, but since He has given me the capacity to contribute to the physical and material needs of His house, I WILL.

It will be an insult to go to church one day and learn that the pastor couldn't come because he went to work so he can pay his children's school fees. I tithe to make sure that my pastor's sermons are not influenced by hunger and lack.

It gives me great joy to know that my tithe contributes to the salaries of the staff working night and day in God's house.

I tithe to ensure that God's properties are protected while I sleep very well in my house. I don't want to come back next service day to learn that thieves have stolen the church microphones and generator because we cannot hire security guards to keep watch.

If driving a good car helps my pastor spread the gospel across many towns and cities, I will tithe for him to buy a private jet so that he can fly everywhere and spread the gospel faster.

I tithe to maintain His house.

I tithe to finance the gospel.

I refuse to allow the under law and under grace debate to make God look complicated to me. The Levite priests did not have electricity problems in their time, bad roads and traffic was not a problem to spreading the gospel, yet God's people were still giving to maintain God's house. It's still the same today, different scenarios.

If living in Lekki will make my pastor beat traffic and come early for service I will tithe for him to buy a house there. If living in Banana Island will make him accessible to God's people I will tithe to make it happen.

I tithe so that the generator will never lack diesel. I tithe because it will be uncomfortable for me to worship God in the hot heat with someone who has body odour, I tithe for God's house to have a good AC.

I tithe to enjoy the same quality of music people enjoy in the clubs and bars. I tithe for the church to have a good sound system. I tithe for the church to afford professional instrumentalists and sound engineers to make my worship experience more exciting.

I tithe for the church to continue giving Bobo and Popcorn to our kids in the children's church.

If my tithe is helping the outreach department takes care of the poor and needy I will keep tithing.

If my tithe contributes to the logistics that will fly Bishop TD Jakes down here to give me a different dimension of the Word, I will keep tithing.

If my tithe makes the gospel concerts and word conferences FREE, I will keep tithing.

I tithe not as a batter to receive, it is not a means of exchange, how much can I really pay? I tithe to keep His house running so that I can always run there to refill and recharge.

So whether it is Old Testament, New Testament or future testament, it is our duty to maintain our local assembly, and this is why I tithe cheerfully.
The best news is that you cannot take care of God's house and live in lack. It all comes back to us in different ways, pressed down, shaken together, and rolling over.

It's just common sense guys, just common senses.


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