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Mothers Day Poem for Son: In the Innocence of Life

In the Innocence of Life

My joy, my hope, my all! Our dear son is a blessing to us. In the innocence of life is one of the poems we dedicated to our son. 

Those little smiles of children that harbour no hate. They are on a world of their own. It is really of essence that we as parents should learn to celebrate our children and be part of their growing up.

Truly, this Mothers Day Poem for Son titled "In the Innocence of Life'', is dedicated to our Son. If you love your children, then this poem for our son is all yours.

If you have gotten this bundle of joy, share in our pride.  

In The Innocence Of Life
[Dedicated To Our Son]

Just like when I saw your first smile,
There in the innocence of life;
You stared at me with so much vigor,
That makes my heart blink with joy. 

Just like when I heard your first cry,
There you looked at me with a smile;
The smile that brightened my thought
And humbled me with this tear of joy.

A blessing you have become to our life,
Blessing us every day with your smile;
That I would trade nothing in this world,

Day had turned to months, and months into year,
And everyday around you is an awesome experience;
Learning to adapt to this new life that comes with you,
A life that makes us proud to be called your parents.

Nsikak Andrew 
3rd August, 2015

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