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Motivational Speech for Success in Life

Here are speeches about success and failure in life, powerful motivational speech and motivational speech on success and failure.

Best Motivational Speech for Success in Life

These short positive words of motivation are inspirational speech about success and short speech on how to achieve success in life. Positive Motivational Words of Encouragement about Success in Life
Good Hand On An Empty Head
21st April, 2014, a word from Pastor Ayo Orisejafor while watching his preaching on African Broadcasting Network, got me in a glimpse towards the end of his message when he said – “Good hand on an empty head”.
It came so quick that I began to understand why those who seek for blessing from others are sometimes not blessed. You need to check yourself when seeking for the blessing of a father.
When I say check yourself, I mean what have you done in the past? What you don’t understand, it is better to be silent about it. Before you criticize, learn to keep off from things you don’t understand. I mean spiritual things.
Spiritual things are for spiritual people. If you have no clue for the things of the spirit – again I say, keep your mouth off from it.
A man, who needs the blessing of a father, should learn to humble himself and resist from speaking ill words. If you are known to speak ill of your father, even when he blesses, it is like a good hand on an empty head. Romantic Love Quotes For Relationship And Friendship For The One You Love
The Crown And It Many Thorns
  “In every crowd there is a thorn in it. Everyone wishes to put on the crown, but no one wishes to stand the pain it brings.”
I got this quote from a friend, Wisdom Willie which was posted on my facebook page. The beauty of this quote is the thought provoking thoughts that it draws within me. First, what it did was to draw me towards the thought of our Saviour. The thorns He had to bear before we can experience salvation.
Like life, the joy of our victory is embedded in the many thorns we have to bear. The way to a fulfilling life and success, is an embodiment of many trail times. Days of sleepless nights that are filled with regrets but what can make us stand strong is to press forward and never to allow our spirit man to be dispersed.
We may feel we don't have what it takes, but don't allow your thought to destroy your victory. We all have what it takes to withstand any pressure of life. If life gives you a knock, don't allow that to wear you down because that is just a way of telling you to be strong.
Every disappointment like it is said is a blessing. And your blessing might never locate you if you have not passed through the valley of the shadow of temptation. In trials and temptation we discover our purpose, and how standing strong with that spirit of not giving up is what guarantees our crown inspite of the thorns. Inspirational Quotes About Criticism And Overcoming Challenges Of Life 

Best Mindset Attitude to Safety in the Work Environment

The Mindset Attitude To Safety In The Work Environment
Everyone talks about safety and how to prevent unsafe acts in the work environment but in most of the safety talks, a vital issue is rarely talked about. It is noted that if an unsafe act occurs, management sometimes narrowly considers the issue of wrong use of the right equipment or sometimes natural occurrence but forgets to take into consideration the mindset attitude of the worker at that moment the unsafe act occurred. I think it is high time management takes into consideration the mindset attitude of a worker at site before issuing a worker the permit to work. And also during tool box meetings, it should be an everyday’s topic for the workforce to develop the right mindset attitude which in itself will go a long way to minimize the occurrence of unsafe acts in the work environment. I believe we all know that the right mindset at any time is what triggers the right attitude which in turn, brings about the ultimate output that contributes to positive performance in the workplace.
What Is The Mindset Attitude?
Before defining this, let us take a look at the definitions of Mindset and Attitude. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines Mindset as, “A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations”. While it also defines Attitude as, “A state of mind or a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person's behavior”. Looking at these definitions, we can rightly say that the Mindset attitude is what triggers our response to any given situation based on our emotional feeling which has to do with our mood at any particular given time. Rightly, how you respond to a situation is your mindset and your attitude towards the response is what actually manifests outside for others to see.
The Mindset Attitude Of A Worker
Now, relating the mindset attitude to safety in our work environment, we may be tempted to conclude that it takes the right mindset attitude to minimize unsafe acts at work place which is very right. But the problem is, how do we develop the right mindset attitude at all time that will bring about safety considering the fact that the man at the centre of it all, (the worker) is influenced positively or negatively by what I would rather term the “3 Major Mindset Attitude Factors” which consist of:
  • The Home – (Wife, Children, Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Extended families).
  • The Work Environment – (Boss, Supervisor, Coworkers).
  • The Peer Group – (Friends).  
What Brings About A Wrong Mindset Attitude
At the centre of these 3 major mindset attitude factors as previously discussed is the worker. It should be noted that every mindset attitude of a worker is influenced by the above listed factors around him. These factors can either bring about a positive or negative output in the work environment. One of the major problems that contribute negatively and affects the mindset attitude of the worker is the wrong use of words by any member of these factors.
If the people at home; work environment and peer group, treats the worker with the right usages of positive words and not negative words, the mindset attitude of the worker will be at his best to perform his duties. But where what the worker gets from those around him is constant nagging and complains. Sincerely, that will affect his mindset and can contribute to the outcome of an unsafe act when carrying out a critical assignment which has to do with safety.  Because at that state, the mind has lost focus and is beaming with unstable emotion. Remember the negative words you use on a person have a major impact on that person’s mindset, attitude and mood at that time.
How A Worker Can Develop The Right Mindset Attitude
Since a worker cannot avoid these listed 3 factors, he needs to be at his best because if anything unsafe act occurs, the person that will be at a greater risk, is the worker. In developing the right mindset attitude, the worker should take into consideration these listed points:   
  • Strive for Optimism. Having a positive attitude is something you should strive for. It isn’t something you are or are not, it is something you become. 
  • What company do you keep? Do your friends have negative attitudes? Does it rub off on you? Many times the company we keep can affect our attitudes. If your group at work or home negatively affects your attitude, take the necessary steps to change the situation. If all else fails, change the people around.
  • When you know you need a Change. When you know you aren't happy, admit it to yourself and take action to reverse it. This is a very difficult thing to do especially when you aren’t in the mood to admit things to yourself. It may be hard, but it is worth it. When you are negative, realize it and change it. 
  • What Makes You Happy? When you know what makes you upset, you will be able to avoid these situations and save yourself the tension and frustration they bring. If it is a situation that you cannot avoid, learn how to make the best of it. This is vital to your attitude and mood. Your “happy” buttons will serve to improve your attitude again and again.
  • Appreciate the Things You Have. Look around you and learn to appreciate everything you have in your life. Your family, friends, career, home, food, car, etc., is enough to create a positive attitude because no matter how bad things get in life, we still must be thankful for everything we still have. Put things into perspective, and enjoy the good things in your life.
  • Think Twice before you Act Once. Look at problems logically. When you let emotion take over, you may do things that made sense at the time, but in the end were not the best choices. Before you act, think about what your action(s) will cause. If a person does something wrong that negatively affects you, don’t attack. Think about the best response. Only after you have done this twice should you take action.
  • React VS. Respond. These two words are the difference between a happy, enthusiastic, positive person and a sad, frustrated, negative person. When anything happens in life that affects you, both directly and indirectly, respond to the situation. This means you think about it, use reason to find a solution, and take the appropriate measures. When you react, you skip the reasoning stage and do what comes naturally in the moment. This only serves to cause more problems and frustration. Respond, do not react!
Lastly, according to research, the right mindset attitude is what makes our life 100% truth taken into consideration the 26 alphabets and their numeric numbers; it is only the right mindset attitudes that will give us 100% not even hard-work, knowledge, love, luck, money or leadership. Sincerely, every problem has a solution; that is only if we perhaps change our mindset attitude. It is our mindset attitude towards life and work that makes our life 100% and it is the same that will bring about a positive change which in turn will minimize the occurrence of unsafe acts in our work environment. To work safely, you have to change your mindset attitude and be at your best all the time. Best Motivational Words Of Advice On How To Treat Your Man Or Woman Right

Best How to Look Beyond the Present when You see a Business Deal

How To Look Beyond The Present When You See A Business Deal
It is so good to be in business but being in business requires so much from you to accomplish. A business requires that you should enter into a deal if you seek to leverage on what you have. And in it, every business opportunity that presents itself; you need to do yourself this favour; look beyond the present. When I say look beyond the present, I mean look beyond you. If any business deals will not transcend your age and transit to your upcoming generations, it is not worth it salt.
Every business deal that you should enter into should be the one that shall outlive you. When looking for opportunities to invest in any businesses, do not think of yourself. Your upcoming battalions should be a thought in progression. A family business should give you a guide – A multi-level marketing business that rewards its networks should be in mind. The presence generation belongs to multi-level marketing. And you can’t avoid not being involved in it.
For those aforementioned, it is good to key into its vision – I mean at the prelaunch level. When you are a beginner, those coming behind you will be under you.
And wow! You create massive residual income that the generation after you will come to appreciate and take over. Think about it. To keep winning in any business deal, you need to look beyond the present. How to do this is to study the life victory of others who made it through the line of business you are engaged with. It is the present and past life of successful people that will guide you to success just as that of failures will guide you. Love and Romantic Quotes, True Love Messages to Inspire the One You Love
You need the right attitude which is what will bring the right connections to your life and business. The wrong one has a way of destroying whatever you had built. When you connect with the right set of people, it would be easy to make the right decision. You don’t need to be selfish in whatever capacity you find yourself when making a business deal. Think of others coming after you, if you have the mind of progression, you will consider others but if you are myopic in your thought, you might want to have all within your reach while thinking nothing of the future.
Guide your attitude and the way you communicate, be open if you want the right result. Remember that a man who is heading somewhere guides his attitude in dealing with other men. He knows the only way to win a man is to deal with him uprightly. If you help others get to their destination, you would never be stranded when you need help. Sow a good seed on your way to the top, if you keep to this, people will always want to be of help to you at any time.
A business deal should be beyond the present. It should be what should accommodate your yet unborn generation. Do not be limited in your thought; life is not all about yourself. Make that deal with others at sight. When you do this, your generation yet unborn shall always come to thank you for it.


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Motivational Speech for Success in Life
Motivational Speech for Success in Life
Here are speeches about success and failure in life, powerful motivational speech and motivational speech on success and failure.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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