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Football Lessons and Life Quotes to Learn after Euro 2016 Final

Best Football Lessons and Life Quotes to Learn after Euro 2016 Final

The Euro 2016 final is one life’s lesson we all need to learn. Hardwork and dedication in tune with courage and determination will always prevail with outstanding results to show. In life never take anything for granted. Some inspiring life and business lessons you can share as text messages from the Triumph of the Portuguese football team after the Euro 2016 final. Positive Motivational Words of Encouragement about Success in Life
I always dream to win this title.
–  Cristiano Ronaldo
If Ronaldo has a million number of fans I am one of them. If Ronaldo has ten fans I am one of them. If Ronaldo has only one fan and that is me. If Ronaldo has no fans, that means I am no more on the earth. If the world is against Ronaldo, I am against the world. I love Ronaldo till my last breath... Die Hard fan of Ronaldo.
– Quang Duy
I saw CRO crying when they lost the 2004 EURO finals, I saw him crying when they were beaten by France in the 2006 WC semi-final, I saw him crying when they were beaten by Spain in EURO 2012 semi-final, and I am seeing him crying today after winning the EURO 2016 finals... A lesson for Messi - Never lose hope. One day you'll succeed.
– Trajce Ivanov
History will remember, when Messi was preparing himself for 21 months of jail, an injured Cristiano Ronaldo inspired his team to a major tournament win from the sidelines. CR7.
– Zahid Khan
Cristiano Ronaldo: Premier League √ FA cup √ La liga √ Copa del rey √ Champions League √ Fifa world club cup √ Ballon d'or √ European Championship √ Manchester United Legend √ Real Madrid Legend √ Now Portugal Legend√ Successful for club and country √ The best. √√
– Tacettin Akbaş
David Beckahm, "If Ronaldo can score 50 goals, win UCL and lead Portugal to UEFA Euro glory in his worst season, then I don't want to see his best again. Worst is good"
– Daniel Jonah
Billion football fans are happy for the Legend Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal today... Great motivation by Cristiano to the team mates even after he got injured... Congratulations to Euro Champions Portugal.  Thank Gareth Bale.
– Trần Văn Phúc
Hit like if you think Portugal = Euro 2016 winner. Ronaldo = 2016 Ballon D'Or winner. Real Madrid = Already the winner of UCL 2016. So Ronaldo will achieve all types of awards and success this year.
–  Eirul Che Ruslan
Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in history. The goals of the history of Real Madrid. The goals of the history of Portugal. Targets Champions Date. The goals of the history of Euros. Objectives century overheard one. Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon d'Or 2016. Ronaldo is a King.
–  Yasser Madrid
There's something special about this C. Ronaldo and the number 7 jersey! The guy cannot only play, but can inspire, motivate, challenge and coach! Every team needs a Christiano Ronaldo. Never look down on anybody and never give up in life. It's not over until it's over.
–  Joseph Eyo
Business And Life Lessons To Learn From The Triumph Of The Portuguese Team
[1]. Show Up Everyday: You can't win if you don't come to the field to play. You have to take a step and try... Who knows what you might be capable of doing.
[2]. Team work: What you lack in individual skill can be made up for by working as a team. Each individual complementing the other.  Result is Together Everyone Achieves More.
[3]. Your Team Must Have A Plan: A plan that exploits to 100% your strength and minimizes your weakness. The Portuguese plan was to shore up their defence then hit teams on the counter.
[4]. There Are Many Routes To Winning: Winning is not meant for only the naturally talented. The man ready to work smart with consistency will win too.
[5]. People's Opinion About You Don't Count: Don't allow the remarks of those who don’t believe in your business to get to you. Keep doing your thing. Your result will silence the naysayers.
[6]. A Set-Back Is An Opportunity For A Launch Back: Ronaldo the star player was stretchered off the field but he reinvented himself and began to function as a coach dishing out instructions from the sidelines!
[7]. Have A Burning Desire To Win: Let this hunger well up from your inside. It will give you the impetus to work your socks up to ensure your business succeeds.
[8]. Keep Recruiting, Keep Giving Opportunities: Who knows you might just unearth another Renato Sanchez who will take your team to greater heights by their skill, commitment and indefatigability.
[9]. Success Has Many Fathers... Failure Has None: The camp of your critics start thinning out as you begin to win. They begin to take turns to book a space behind you. Just win! 

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