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Poem about Ekpo Masquerades

Best Poem About Ekpo Masquerades

The culture of any region should be respected. It has to show the way of life of such people. Ekpo Masquerades are part of Ibibio traditional heritage for their forebears. Poetic Love Poems and Romantic Messages Of Love Poems

Best Ekpo Masquerades

Ekpo Masquerades

Spirit of our ancestors
Rekindled in the living being
Among the raffialites you evoked your root
That the womenfolk would dare not your superiority.

Living sacred culture of our forebears
Him whose birth is guided in mystery
Among our ancestral belief you were founded
For death, your belief is not the complete end of life.

Ekpo… ancestral spirit of our forefathers
With bared painting of charcoal you’re clothed
That him who sees you will fright with terror.

Around the waist, you ring a bell
Guided by an enclosed knife you tight
A band of blacken rags shield your nakedness
For in raffia ferns you covered your head and torso.

In wild twist you move about
Like a fury wind you roared
Casting fear in the heart of onlookers
As you swing those mysterious aesthetic steps.

Ekpo… ghost of our ancestors,
Roared with a Matchet at hand,
Savour the mysterious drums of your initiates
For in the guided mystery of our forebears
Your appearance shall always rekindle.

Nsikak Andrew 
16th July, 2007 

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