Pidgin Inspirational Poems and Pidgin Love Poems - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Pidgin Inspirational Poems and Pidgin Love Poems

Pidgin Inspirational Poems and Pidgin Love Poems

Best Pidgin Inspirational Poems and Pidgin Love Poems

Naija pidgin na dey the main thing. Language has power and you can communicate with any language without barrier. These Nigerian poetic pidgin inspirational poems and Naija pidgin love poems would inspire you if you love poetic messages.

Enjoy our Nigerian Pidgin language poems wey relate to love and inspiration. This na better pidgin messages wey dey make life sweet.

Abeg make you share am with the people wey love you better pass the way wey you love yourself if that one dey possible.

Pidgin Inspirational Poems

This one na better pidgin inspirational poems wey go inspire the person wey you love.

Na Who Know Tomorrow

Person wey first marry
Na him marry ugly woman.

Person wey buy car first
Na him buy old model.

For this life make you no rush
Abeg take am sufri-sufri
Turn by turn na so life be.

Nsikak Andrew
29th June, 2002 & 29th January 2008


Wetin you be
Wey you no fit cool down
About, about you dey bisi body
I be this, I be that.

Wetin you be
Wey all you sabi na to razz around
Blowing your trumpet like say
Na you owe Wall Street.

Wetin you be
Wey all you sabi
Na to blow cut and joint grammar
Come dey pose like Guinea fowl.

Abeg wetin you be
Wey small change dey swell your head
Tell me, wetin you be sef
Wey you want take oversabi kill your sef o!

Nsikak Andrew
26th September, 2007

Muri - The Naira Abuse

A note of honour
In honour of the assassinated General
A note of honour in exchange of liberty
A note, whose legality has been abused.

Men in black and black
Men in black and green
Even men in green and green
Now men in brown and black
And those in agbada are partakers
In our Muri-abuse.

Every drop, every block…
Muri’s hand must grease the palms
Failures are stories the undertaker have heard.

Just when shall you say good-bye?

Nsikak Andrew
24th September, 2007

Naija Pidgin Love Poems

This na some collections of Nigerian pidgin love poems wey you fit share with your personal person. 

I Love You, I Love You

I love you, I love you
No be for mouth
Man wey no get money
Wetin woman want take am do
Abeg na who send poor man.

The guy is good, the Bobo correct
Na him pocket make am o
Soup wey sweet, na money kill am
Woman wey fine, na change make am-o!

I love you, I love you,
No be for mouth
Something dey inside-o!

Nsikak Andrew
16th September, 2007

Love No Be Grammar

Money no fit buy love
That na Oyibo palava
Ask African woman
Then you go know say
Love no be grammar.

Ask Omoge how do you do
If your pocket dry
Like Sahara desert
And if she buy your story
Then love na grammar.

Quote all the Shakespeare!
Read all the Romeo and Juliet for her
Blow all the Oyibo grammatical wey you sabi
If money no dey for hand
Back no go touch ground
Grammar no be love.

Give Oyibo women flower
She go cherish you pass Mango
Try African women
You go hear "na flower I go chop"
Wetin African woman sabi?
If you say na money, me I no dey o.

Nsikak Andrew
1st April, 2002

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