New Year’s Day Romantic Messages for Someone Special - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! New Year’s Day Romantic Messages for Someone Special

New Year’s Day Romantic Messages for Someone Special

Best New Year’s Day Romantic Messages for Someone Special

When we shout Happy New Year, it comes with it the feeling of love. Nothing is as good as living to see the dawn of a New Year. There is something about the New Year that brings with it the feeling of togetherness.

When you live to see the beginning of a New Year; it is of essence that you share it special love with the one you so dearly love.

For the love of him; for the joy of her, for a toast for the life of friendship, why not share these New Year’s romantic love messages with the special person in your life.

New Year’s Day Love Messages for Love

[1]. You’re second to none and nothing can be compared to you. You’re a rare gift with a heart that cares. What else can I say? You’re all I have and ever will be.

[2]. Your love fills my heart with passion and my emotion with imagination. My life, it fills with gladness and now, I will forever love and care about you.

[3]. If I have one wish to make, that wish will be that your love be mine as long as I live.

[4]. A day without you is like a thousand years in darkness but a day with you is like a million years in paradise.

[5]. Missing you means going insane and loving you means going sane. I love you that makes me sane and missing you that makes me insane.

[6]. Let the bliss of your love guide me. Let the wind of your undying love blow me and make me feel the warm of your touch that sets my heart on fire.

[7]. Your love set my heart on fire. And her flame burns me with the desire that longs for you. Now none can quench this fire except the touch you.

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[8]. With your love, I can see better and clearer. With your love, I can move the mountain. All these I could do because you love me.

[9]. Joy and gladness are my backbone all because you love me. I shall forever remain graceful because you showed me love the way nor else have done.

[10]. There is something that fills my heart. That something is the bliss of your love. It covers me when am in storm and it gives me peace when am in pains.

[11]. Love they says hurts more than injury. But I seem to doubt that because your love even when it hurts, the thought of the time we share, heals them all.

[12]. If none among a million souls loved you, then know I do. If among them they do, then know am the one who loved you most.

[13]. In my silent and outward thoughts, the love of you controls my imagination. Life without your love, I wonder how it might be.

[14]. Like candle light, your love burns my heart with passion. Now I’m grateful that her flame consumes me and renewed my heart to love you forever.

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[15]. If not for your love, I wouldn’t know the meaning of true love. You love me unconditionally and now I know that love is real.

[16]. Forever yours, I will forever be. You showed me love and tenderness. Now your love has made me surrender my pride to the armory of your might.

[17]. When you love me am like a child who made her face smile. When you kiss me am like someone who has found a hidden treasure.

[18]. With everything I have, I surrender to the power of your love. Let my soul thirst not for in the arm of your love have I found a lasting love.

[19]. A better tomorrow has come because I found you. My days were worst but now there are in the past because your came and cover my nakedness away.

[20]. Look into my heart if you can see then you will see the cares and the love I have for you. Nothing makes me complete than loving and caring for you.

[21]. Look into my eye if you can’t see an eye that longs for your love, then make no mistake for the silent tears that drops from it tells you how much I love you.

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New Year Romantic Messages for Friendship

[22]. Can you spot the tears in my eyes? It’s right there from the day I fell for you. It has become a symbol that tells me I have surrendered my love to you.

[23]. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have known the meaning of true love and if not for your care, I wouldn’t have known what comfort and peace of mind is.

[24]. Look through my heart and see through my eyes. If you can’t spot the difference there you will know how much I love you.

[25]. Here in my heart, your love has planted her flowers. I promise to water the flowers and look after them so that my reward will be the gift of you.

[26]. Miracles will forever abound but the miracle of you is a rare gift that abound ones. Thank God it came my way for I’m so glad to have the miracle of you.

[28]. My all in one, I love you the way you are. Among the best, it’s me among the least you choose. I love you for taking me the way I am.

[29]. For the aura of air that blew and the air you breathe, my love shall forever be there with you to make you fill my present now and forever.

[30]. The fastest cure to my worry I found in loving you. Just for loving you, I’m perfect, real and complete. Now I’m not afraid to say I love you more and more.

[31]. I heard a knock in my heart and I open to found the bliss of your love. Now I have no doubt that even if it knocks again, I will open and still find you.

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