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Funny Nigerian Proverbs for Family and Friends

Best Funny Nigerian Proverbs for Family and Friends

Indeed Nigerians and African love proverbs so much that there is no saying of the Elders without it. Watch any village Nollywood movie or that of Gollywood and you come to term with it.

The proverbs are spiced with wisdom which is sometimes humorous.

For your delight, here are some funny and amazing Nigerian proverbs.

Funny Nigerian Proverbs For Family And Friends

1. Cloth Aboki with suit he still remain the same aboki, pound the fool with pestle and mortar his foolishness still remains.

2. When a bird flies without pitching, a hunter shoots without tagging.

3. It is better for a hen to find a dead Dog than a Dog to find a dead hen because no how people will say that it was the Dog that killed it.

4. When you see a rich man that makes his money through hard work and the fear of God, respect him because making money is not a child's play.

5. A woman who started cooking before another has more broken cooking utensils.

6. The downfall of a man is not the end of his life.

7. Don't feel ashamed to fart when urinating. There is no rain without thunder.

8. The constant head nodding of agama lizard does not mean all is well.

9. Pussy cat said that to protect what belongs to her that is why she always cover her excreta with sand. The cat also said that is better to take a long distance than to miss its target.

10. You cannot push somebody and show the person where to fall.

11. No matter how long a death wood stays inside river it cannot become crocodile.

12. Marriage is not for boys and girls but for man and woman.

13. What a young man will read from afar, an elderly man will have to go close and put on medicated eye glasses before reading.

14. The gentle stride of a tigress does not mean cowardice.

15. The way to success is very narrow be careful.

16. Is only when a chicken die they can remove the shoe from the leg.

17. Thousands dribbling by many players is a slave to a goal scored by one person.

18. He that sells his monkey and bought a pussy cat should know that something that is squatting is still in his house.

19. He who sleeps with itchy anus will wake up with smelly hands.

20. No matter how a person chop belle full, there is always space for meat.

21. It is good to meet the bad one before meeting the good ones.

22. The goat that swallows 10 kobo actually wanted to hear the history on how much they bought her mother and tolotolo that swallows yabasi has definitely prepared ingredient for himself.

23. A pretty face does not mean a pretty heart.

24. The slow movement of the snail does not portray its weakness.

25. A man who married a beautiful wife and a man who planted corn by the road side have similar problems.

26. When a child is crying, pointing his finger at a particular place if his father is not there his mother is there.

27. When you see a child trying to throw stone on an adult check behind him there is another man standing.

28. A woman who borrow clothes from person cannot dance well because of the owner of the clothe.

29. A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.

30. No Mather how dry is the ground, the cricket can't sleep outside.

31. Many feel the rain why some just get wet.

32. It does not matter what you drive but it matters what drives you.

33. If a snake fails to act like a snake then a child will use it to tie fire-wood.

34. Always expect unexpected especially from where it is least expected. Ama ndi anaeze.

35. You cannot conquer what you do not confront.

36. The looking back of a Lion is not for fear but to know the distance covered.

37. A journey of a thousand miles start with a step.

38. He who does not care that his nieghbour's roof is on fire will soon be forced to fight the same fire on his own roof.

39. Only your mother knows whom your real father is.

40. No matter how hairy a goat is he will never go to a barbing saloon that the Loin is the Barber.

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