Famous and Hilarious Nigerian Proverbs in English - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Famous and Hilarious Nigerian Proverbs in English

Famous and Hilarious Nigerian Proverbs in English

Best Famous and Hilarious Nigerian Proverbs in English

Here are some collections of famous and hilarious Nigerian proverbs in English language for your comfort.

Famous And Hilarious Nigerian Proverbs In English

1. The protection of a young chick is from the wings of the mother hen.

2. Lead from the back so that others will believe that they are in front.

3. Truth has only one colour, it never change.

4. Tears and water might look alike but, they do not taste the same.

5. Not until a frog jump into hot water, it will not know that there are type of water.

6. To give a monkey cup is not the problem but to collect the cup from the monkey.

7. Do not be hasty in your spirit to be angry; for anger rests in the bosom of fools.

8. The road that leads to success is always under construction.

9. A bird that fly so high, fall from the sky.

10. A child who is bold enough to go to the farm on Eke day, must be bold enough to face the consequence.

11. It is only a thief that recognizes the footprints of another thief on a rocky plane!

12. Shame does not follow man and woman to enter the room.

13. You don't tell an elder he's lying. You show him he's lying.

14. A pound in an entrepreneur's hand is worth more than a million in a lazy man’s pocket.

15. When a fowl suddenly begins to visit a guinea fowl she guards her eggs jealously.

16. Proverbs are oil with which Igbo's eat food.

17. A river does not flow through the forest without bringing down the trees.

18. Do not go out only to married a pretty Lady because you may not be the only one who sleep with her, her beauty is something that makes her private part suffered a lot.

19. No matter how hot the sun heats up the earth, the hen can never lay a cooked egg.

20. A toad does not run in the afternoon for nothing.

21. In life one has known that short cut is always a wrong way.

22. You don't use mirror to look what you wear in your hand.

23. If you can endure the wife of 16 year in the home with bad attitude then nothin is strange again.

24. It is very difficult to explain the dry bone of an old woman in proverb.

25. A rat with many children, always sleep with her door open.

26. No matter how long it takes a stammerer, he must surely pronounce his father's name.

27. The sky is too big to accommodate both the pigeons and eagles.

28. A child that knows how to die must also know how to cover his eye.

29. The wise words of the elders are sure balm to a bleeding soul.

30. When an Hyena flirt with the hen, the hen is happy not knowing that its death is near.

31. When an animal started with a bad run, the hunter has no option than to give him a bad bullet.

32. Favour doesn't means you shouldn't labour.

33. Its only those that climb electric pool that can admire a coconut tree.

34. A child that is carried on her mother's back doesn't know the distance covered on her way feet.

35. A sleeping dog is better than a dead lion.

36. Use yours tongue to count your teeth, not with your finger.

37. When the bush is on fire, the chameleon easily learns to run fast.

38. It never rains but it pour because after the rain comes the shine.

39. But he who fights and run away lives to fight another day.

40. The gentleness of a lion in the forest does not mean his lazy but rather on target.

41. Harvest is no blessing if death is the crop.

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