Christmas Romantic Text Messages for the One You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Christmas Romantic Text Messages for the One You Love

Christmas Romantic Text Messages for the One You Love

Best Christmas Romantic Text Messages for the One You Love

Christmas is one of the best times to share gift and show love to that special person in your life. We have gotten in stock some romantic Christmas messages that you can share with the one you love. It might not be your usual Christmas messages but what we have here is something that the one you love would be proud of when you share it.

You Will Always Be My Sweet Christmas Love

[1]. While you’re there thinking of me, I am hear also thinking of you and how to make our love stronger and a thing of pride for others to envy.

[2]. My splendid heart, yearning mind, vivid desire, silent tripper, conscience elevator, soul dreamer, heart keeper, sweetest look… You’re my everyday joy.

[3]. How could I have known that you would become my everyday dream? Now that you have become, I bless the day I found you as my world.

[4]. I never knew I was missing you till your absent freeze my heart to surrender.  Please comeback quick before loneliness got a better part of me.

[5]. You’re like an angel send to brighten my day. Just sitting, talking and seeing you smile, brings much joy and happiness to my soul.

[6]. I just want you to know that you’re my sure love, a blessed angel, a true friend and the one I long for to be my true love forever.

[7]. You're the one who turned my sorrow into joy, tears into laughter and weakness into strength. For this you will ever be my love no matter the test of time.

Christmas Is You My Sweet Love

[8]. Our love shall ever be like a lasting union cast from above. Just have no fear because you’re the very best meant for me.

[9]. We are soulmate meant for a purpose. Hold back no resistant because we’re on a mission that is bless for us to uphold. That mission is my love for you.

[10]. Search through my mind then you will see that the feeling of you replenish my thoughts. You’re love every minute of the day.

[11]. There is something about you that drives me crazy. The same has poisoned my mind to none else but you. If you care to know, that is the love of you.

[12]. Every single day you’ve become a greater part of me. A part that I can’t do without. I love you more every minute of the day.

[13]. Love of my life, one with a heart of gold. You’re an epitome of pride to me. And like the ROSE flower whose morning sunrise brightens my day.

[14]. Your love is what took away the sleep from my eye and brought sunshine into my life. Priceless treasure, heart that cares, that’s what you’re.

Happy Merry Christmas And Prosperous New Year Wishes For Friends

My New Year Gift Is Your Love

[15]. Your love gives me the strong feeling that I need to survive. I found you and found the perfect tonic that cures my heart for real.

[16]. Within my heart, I have to make this little confession. You're so cute and natural, I couldn’t help but want to have you as my love for the rest of my life.

[16]. Your aura is a blessing to my soul. When I think of you, I am like someone who has found his lost treasure and you know what, you’re that found treasure.

[17]. You're the joy of my heart and my day’s thought is incomplete without you. For you, my heart is at peace for knowing you.

[18]. My heart beats for you. My mind lives for you. My heart, my mind just can’t live a day without you. You’re the one who makes me complete.

[19]. Your voice is like a gift from above. Every time I heard you talk, my heart gladden with a peace of mind to be alive.

[20]. Your love is like the gift of valentine and your caring is like the joy of Xmas. I have tasted both and now I can’t be the same without the gift of you.

Your Love Makes My Christmas A Blessing

[21]. The heart that love aren’t they like stars that shine? The heart that cares aren’t they like flowers that flourish? Your smile aren’t they like joy that never fades?

[22]. Let the joy of the day be your favour and the joy of the night be your glory. May the love of GOD be your guiding light.

[23]. I must confess that you mean everything to me. You’re my light in darkness, my eye when I can’t see and my hope when I seem to lost inspiration.

[24]. You’re like the rain that renewed my soul. You light up my heart when I’m down and gave to me the joy that brighten my day.

[25]. Your love is like the balm that heals my soul. Ever since I started loving you, I feel no ailment anymore.

[26]. Your love is perfect and complete. Nothing could I use to compare your love. Your love is true, sincere, loving and above all, a perfect choice for me.

[27]. My body, spirit and soul are controlled by the flame of your love. Whichever way you turn it; it’s all yours for a keep.

[28]. When the rain drops and I found the warm of your love, I felt no cold anymore. Your love is like the blanket that took my cold away.

[29]. Your love makes my heart burn like fire. But I’m comforted that each time I come close to you, you take away the fire and gives to me a peace of mind.

[30]. What can I compare to your love for me? I have search and found none. You’re an incomparable creation and one created with perfection just for me.

[31]. You turned my head on whenever you appear. You make me feel like a King every time you smile. You’re my all and nothing anyone can do about it.

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