Christmas Love Quotes and Messages for Love and Friendship - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Christmas Love Quotes and Messages for Love and Friendship

Christmas Love Quotes and Messages for Love and Friendship

Best Christmas Love Quotes and Messages for Love and Friendship

Messages of love during Christmas are something you should desire for the one you love. There is no need mixing words. We have got some amazing Christmas love messages for the one you love.

Go on and share them and see how you would make your love count.

Christmas Romantic Love Text Messages for Couples

[1]. Even though I might not see you all days, I am so grateful that a part of you is right here with me as a treasure that comforts me till you return.

[2]. The day I saw you, your beauty the dark couldn’t hide. Like a shining star, you shine through my soul and now I’m complete all because of your love.

[3]. As long as the ocean wouldn’t run dry nor the rain ceases to fall, my love for you would ever be like the ocean and rain that never run dry.

[4]. I heard the sweet scent of your fragrance and turned but it wasn’t you. Just a day without your present fills my heart with the want of you.

[5]. In my heart, thoughts and dream, you’re there. Where else haven’t you been? None! For all about me, you will always be there like my shining light.

[6]. Love of my life, you’re the desire of my heart and nowhere could I run to without your love that had given to me all that I needed in love.

[7]. I did search around looking for a perfect heart that could beat as yours but throughout my search, none have I found except your that beat as mine.

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[8]. You came when I needed love and took away the shame that was my life. Now I have found in you the love that would share my world.

[9]. Your worth is priceless so is the beauty of you faultless. Just within a while, you have become a part of me that I can’t live without.

[10]. Like the rainbow your love sparkles like the dawn of a new day that brings a peace of mind to comfort my soul.

[11]. Each time I look into the sky, I smile. The reason is the love you bring. It's like a bright new sky that took away my pains and made me yours forever.

[12]. Each time I look into your face, I’m comforted for your love brings me comfort and all the good luck I needed to succeed.

[13]. The reason I work so hard is for us. Your love gives me the strength to work hard so that the smile I see in you will forever be a lasting one.

[14]. Perfect soul, joy of my heart, beauty incomparable, jewel of inestimable value, love of my life. You’re all a God send to my life.

Christmas Love Quotes for Lovers 

 [15]. When I’m with you, I feel good. May your heart forever be open to accept my love. For among the others, it’s you I have chosen to be my love till the end.

[16]. I need no further confirmation nor a crystal ball to see through that all I need in love are found in you. You’re my all.

[17]. Over my pride, I humble myself and choose you as the best thing in my life. You’re the precious gift I have. Keep my love, it’s real, that's all I have to give.

[18]. I appreciate and cherish the time we share. Those are the best moment of my life. If I have only one day to live, to your arm will I spent it.

[19]. In all of my days, one thing I cherished most is the beautiful time we spend together. It’s one memory that can never be taken away from me.

[20]. If I have only one day in this planet earth or a second to spend then know for sure that I will rather spend it with you.

[21]. Loving you is like eternity. It comes so natural to me that I lack the right words to express them. I see paradise when I see you.

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Cute Romantic Christmas Messages for Friendship 

[22]. Our love is a bound made from above. It’s only eternity that can break us apart. Loving you means eternity to me for I love you eternally.

[23]. No bars nor chain or walls can separate my love for you. Neither than separate us, it shall be like a pillar that binds us together.

[24]. Even though I’m beaten by rain and hunted by the shining sun, I shall not be weary for your love is there to cover me through them all.

[25]. The rest of my life I want to spend with you. My generation it’s an honour I want you to bear. These I do for love just because you love me the way I am.

[26]. The sight of you sends joy into my heart. You have blessed me with love so real and for that I would ever live because you love me.

[27]. What would life have been without your love, care, warm and smile? You’re one in a million and all I can do is to keep blessing the day I found you.

[28]. You’re my companion; my best friend and my dream come true. Within my heart, it’s ONLY your love that has a ROOT and nothing can take that away.

[29]. Day comes and goes but your love came and stayed. I’m so glad that it stayed for all I needed was the love of you to stay and make me a new person.

[30]. I know I have fallen in love and you’re the one I have fallen for. Take my love as a precious gift, nurture it and keep it safe that I might live for you always.

[31]. Take my hand and let me love you the way I desire for you’re my dream and my treasure house of desire that would comfort me till the end of time.

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